Clay Works

I work with clay that is made just down the street from my studio, The Squeaky Wheel, in the River Arts District. It is a co-operative studio. It is a joy to share a space and resources with other artists. I form or pinch all of my clay byhand. Most of my work is spoon burnished and has some carved detail. I create intuitively, most of my work is functional, one of a kind, and asymmetrical. I envision all of my work being placed in a natural setting. I envision having folks stumble upon it and experience that the piece belongs there or might have somehow come from the environment itself. I use Little Loafers white clay, which isan incredibly  smooth and elegant clay body, and Brown Stone clay, which has a very muddy, earthy, rustic feel and appearance. I have a habit of switching back and forth between the two elegant and earthy experiences. All of my pottery is fired to cone six. I use food safe glazes that can go in the dishwasher. I am so interested in the life span of clay,  the objects it forms, and the fact that it moldable earth. 
Honeycomb Tiles

Tapas Plates All stacked up and waiting for glaze
Planter bottom
Long Service
Brown Stone Carved Hearts
Hand Carved Beads