"Affordable Housing Seedlings"

 In December of 2016 

I created 500 tiny, colorful affordable housing seedlings to represent 1/10th of the affordable housing that we need in the area I live in. I created this project to raise awareness of the dramatic need for affordable housing in our community and to raise funds for the Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity. I made the affordable housing seedlings from the scraps of wedding cake toppers.

In December of 2017 I created 500 more seedlings. And in 2018 I have created 500 more.

I see my hopes and prayers for quality affordable housing in our community as little seeds and these tiny houses as the seedlings. My mantra for creating the houses has been "May EVERYONE live in a safe, affordable, and dignified home. May we repair and uplift existing affordable housing and may we be a national leader in creating affordable housing for all." 

We have raised about $1000 for Habitat and we have donated it to two different homes. I have connected with so many folks from our community who are excited about affordable housing and supporting this project! This project has been such a beautiful experience and I am so grateful for everyone's support!